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Iona writes:

Art Trip and the Static Sound have an effortlessly cool, raw, garage punk sound. I first heard about the band from Tony Fisher, one of the band’s  guitarists, who I was chatting to at a friend’s party.  He told me the name and I  remember thinking it  sounded  interesting, conceptual  and probably  hard to remember. Now having seen the fantastic screen-printed graphic art which accompanies their musical output, I have no trouble remembering it.

Art Trip and the Static Sound’s front woman is Melodie Holliday – vocalist, guitarist and purveyor of nonchalant lyrics which seem to embody the spirit of New York punk.  Previously, Melodie played guitar with the fab pop-punk feminst band, Suburban Mousewife. In Art Trip and the Static Sound her punk-rock persona  has  emerged fully formed and ready to take on dirty old, East London.

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Paddy Pulzer is the drummer, and Simon Holliday is the bass player. The band have a special connection with the young riot grrrl punk band Skinny Girl Diet and they can often be found supporting each other on the same bill. Clearly punk rock cool runs in the family.

Their album Nothing is Static was released earlier this year on limited edition vinyl and as a digital download and it is available in Rough Trade. It has received some excellent air play and it has featured on the playlists of Gideon Coe, Steve Lamaq and Stuart Maconie on radio 6.

John Kennedy has also been a keen supporter of the band and in the summer they played a live session on XFM. I am looking forward to seeing the band live in the near future.

Ayesha writes:

THE GIRL WHO… A catchy bass line underpins this well formed post punk track. It drives along nicely showing off the fuzz from the guitars. Perfectly phrased vocals have just the right amount of hard-edged anger, laconically telling the story of female non-conformity. This is all about the girl who demands to ‘be comfortable in her skin’. She refuses to be trapped or held back. She says no to diets, mortgages and a cottage in the countryside. Instead, I imagine, she is charging around the New York underground having the best time of her life. Yes, it is correct that you dance wildly with your sisters to this Big Apple of a tune.

Art trip

Zoë writes: