Roshi image
image: James English

ZOË: Gertrude are delighted that Roshi featuring Pars Radio will be included on our upcoming compilation, Songs About Women (in the 21st Century) which Ayesha’s been busy pulling together recently. Roshi will also be performing at our live gig at The Rhythm Factory on 15 November.

image: Brian David Stevens

IONA: Roshi Nasehi is a Iranian-Welsh musician based in London who creates left-field songs with lush electronic keyboard sounds and crystal clear haunting vocals. Her collaborator, Pars Radio, (sound artist Graham Dowdall (aka Dids, Gagarin) provides sensitive, subtle, experimental beats and sounds as a rhythmic accompaniment.
Roshi has been a regular at Metcalfe’s infamous London improvisation club The Klinker and she has also played further afield, at high profile art events in NYC and Europe. She has also received several prestigious commissions, most recently from the British Council to present public Sound Art in Kuwait (May 2014).
Roshi’s compositions are often personal interpretations of Iranian folk songs and original songs and many of them detail ordinary life experiences, which appear as extraordinary events with her tender and thoughtful melodic retellings.

Roshi has submitted a remixed version of a song from her first album, The Sky and The Caspian Sea, released in 2009. No Camels is based on a poem she wrote about a flight home from Iran as a teenager and it details the contradictory thoughts she had going through her mind on the journey.

No Camels. The beautiful voice of Roshi Nasehi once again evokes a wistful landscape of childhood. Simultaneously dark and delicate, she weaves a haunting narrative of the innocent ability of childhood to exist in plural worlds. The artistry and musical manipulation of reverb and simple discordance stay with you long after the song has ceased, the sounds perturbing your insides as you join her on this emotional journey.