Berwick Street, London, 20 April 2013. Fantastic to see the streets of Soho churning for Record Store Day…what a buzz.

Reckless Records

The crowd outside Reckless Records


We went shop-hopping along Berwick Street with the aim of chatting to the music enthusiasts who were making the most of the wealth of record stores in the area. Sister Ray was rammed.


The queue at Sister Ray

While we were  in the long queue, one of the guys from the store came out and told us that they had “sold out of almost everything”.  It didn’t seem to put off any of the music-seekers waiting to get in.  First up were Lee and Mark…


Lee (left) and Mark , in the queue at Sister Ray

Hello gentlemen, where do you hail from? Lee: Barking and Dagenham’s my borough. Mark: Weybridge.  What’s your favourite music ? Lee: Anything that isn’t Van Morrison. Mark: Things that don’t fit very well.  Any hints for finding new music? Pink ,  and Facebook.  What have you bought today? Change Becomes Us – Wire (Double LP Vinyl), Caught In Midstream – Vic Godard & Subway Sect (7″), Facts Are Right – British Sea Power (7″), My Outrage – Section 25 (7″), Sir William Wray – The Fall (7″)   Noisy, unconventional or introspective? All three.  Vinyl or download? We don’t care!


Rosie and Danielle, at Sister Ray  

Hi Rosie and Danielle. Where are you from ?  Buckinghamshire.  What’s your musical style? Indie / alternative.  How do you find out about new music? From NME, Jools Holland and our friends. Vinyl or download? Vinyl , CD and iTunes.  Noisy, unconventional or introspective? Noisy and introspective.


Rob, at Sister Ray

Hi Rob, where are you from? Kent.  What’s your music style? Rock / alternative.  How do you find out about new music? Recommendations from friends.  Vinyl or download? Usually downloads. But if I like it enough; vinyl.  Noisy, unconventional or introspective? Noisy…


Robin and Katy at Sister Ray

What’s your favourite musical genre?  Katie: Dirty indie. Robin: squeaky doors mixed with the sound of trains. Hints for music hunters? The 405 blog, The Wire, Resonance FM, 6 Music.  Vinyl or CD?  50/50. But we’re addicted to the black crack.

The crowds were getting a bit overwhelming over at Sister Ray, so we headed off to Music and Video Exchange, where we had the good fortune to bump into these two lovely ladies, Jane and Jemma, sifting through the vinyl.  


Jane (left) and Jemma at Music and Video Exchange

Hi, where are you from? Jemma: South-east London.  Jane: I’m a global traveller. What kind of music do you like? Jemma: Paloma Faith, Etta James, jazz classics.  Jane: Soul, funk, Latin and The People’s Songs on Radio 2. Vinyl or download? Usually CDs or downloads. How do you find out about new music? Jemma: Internet and friends. Jane: I don’t! Noisy, uncoventional or introspective? Introspective.

We flagged down this trio as they came out of the record store:


Trist, Riord and Chloe at Music and Video Exchange

What part of London do you come from? Camberwell. What kind of music do you like? Trist: Bands that come and play at mine, like Early Mammal, Cove and Hey Colossus. Riord: Canadian stoners. Chloe: All kinds. How do you find out about new music? Riord: Through friends and 6 Music.  Chloe – The internet and Rough Trade. What have you bought today? Trist: Vinyl from Detroit – including Omar S and Knights of the Jaguar.


Next we called into Reckless Records, where they kindly let us interview some of their customers…as long as we didn’t annoy anyone.

Ash was flicking through the music while his friend was spending large amounts at the counter.


Ash in Reckless Records

Hey Ash, why aren’t you buying anything? I’m a DJ and I’ve just spent £700 on a mixer – so no purchases today. What’s your style? Hiphop, metal, drum n bass. Where do you get your new tunes from? I follow lots of artists; Facebook, YouTube, S & S Channel, Majestic Casual. Vinyl or download? Vinyl, of course.  Noisy, unconventional or intropective? Introspective.

Perched on a stool in the corner of Reckless Records, we found a smiley girl eating popcorn with her friend.


Aitor and Laura in Reckless Records

Hello you two, where are you from? Laura: Seville. Aitor: Bilbao – with an ‘o’. What kind of music do you like? Rock. Where do you find out about new music? On YouTube and from friends. We also like to go into record stores and check out what they’re playing. What brought you here today? We were at Record Store Day last year and it was so good, we came back again – would you like some popcorn?

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